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Danex develops and manufactures products for better working environment for the building- and industrial sector. The products are marketed and sold under the trade name Danex. The company was founded in 1986, and is now a member of the Crenor group.


The main part of our product range is intended for use together with a vacuum unit, and some of these machines are especially made to fraction material at the working site, for instant vacuum transport of material from demolition- or decontamination sites, directly into a pre-collector container.


One great advantage obtained by vacuum transport of fractioned material is the efficient system for material handling, which at the same time creates a better working environment for the demolition crew, by evacuating excessive dust at the demolition site. Another advantage is that the fractioned material often can be recycled as filling material or in some cases, the material can be recovered for the production of new products.


The devibration fixture "Y-Light" minimizes the vibration level and injury risk for personnel that operates hand-held chisel hammers.


The actual manufacturing of our products are made locally by different companies in the Skellefteå region.


Please contact us if you want prices, more information reg. our products, or if you have a specific application where we might be able to make you an offer.

Danex AB              Servicegatan 1, SE-931 76 Skellefteå, Sweden               +46 (0)910-35 800               danex@danexab.se