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SINUS has been developed to conduct testing of different floor linings and floor lining materials in accordance with standard CEN/TC 303 in both lab environments and out in the field. SINUS is CE-marked and is equipped with safety switches that stops the operation if the safety cover is opened or if there is a major test surface breakdown.


SINUS consists of driven linear units that maneuver a weighted wheel in a pattern on the surface. SINUS is  delivered with test wheels in 2 different sizes and 8 weights that can be combined to cover all of the requirements of the standard.


SINUS control system is a programmable PLC with a knob for program selection and a counter for setting amount of test cycles to conduct. SINUS is delivered with two pre-installed programs; the two sinus patterns in standard CEN/TC 303. If desired, two additional programs can be pre-installed.


When transporting, the SINUS is flipped upended and pulled like a wheel barrow with help of transport wheels and removable handles.




Electrical connection

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Weight (excl. weights)

Weight (incl. steel plate)

Travel (x)

Travel (y)


220V, single phase

1450 x 1185 x 640 mm (2045 mm length with transport handles)

115 kg

194 kg

400 mm

270 mm





ROTOR has been developed to conduct wear testing on concrete floors in accordance with the British Standard 8204:1987: part 2. ROTOR is CE-marked.


ROTOR consists of an electrically driven, weighted and rotating plate which has been equipped with hardened tangentially mounted wheels. During testing this plate subjects the surface to pressure- and wear fatigue in a ring shaped test surface. ROTOR is equipped with adjustable feet that are anchored to the surface to prevent the machine from moving during testing.


ROTOR has adjustable speed and a counter for setting the amount of test cycles to conduct. From delivery the speed is set to 190 rpm, in accordance with the standard.

When transporting the transport wheels and removable handles are used.




Electrical connection

Dimensions (L x W x H)


Total load

Sound level


220V, single phase

570 x 750 x 450 mm (length and width without handle)

103 kg

650 N

May surpass 80 dBa when testing


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